Security Alerts

Atlanta Metro Area: November 2017
Security Alert!!!
Metro Atlanta – Nov. 28, 2017 —At 11:15am, a pair of men, dressed as elderly gentlemen, gained access to a high end watch retailer, and robbed the store for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Taken were high end Rolex watches.

The two men were wearing masks and make-up to hide their identity, and were allowed inside the store by a clerk who inspected the pair as potential clients of the store. Once inside, the owner and both employees sensed that something was wrong, just prior to being attached with pepper spray and zip tied hands. The owner and daughter were tied and taken to the rear of the store. The other
clerk was forced at gun point to unlock and empty all the cases. The whole robbery only took approximately 3 minutes.

Brookhaven Police are working the robbery and the owner has offered a $10,000 reward through CRIMESTOPPERS, for information leading to

Brookhaven Rolex loss
the criminals.

More particulars and video will be forthcoming. * Remember to take your time to positively identify strangers entering your store. * Consider obtaining a security guard of off duty policeman to stay at your store if you provide “High Theft Items” such as Rolex watches or loose diamonds. * Always require people to remove their sunglasses and hats prior to entry to your store. This helps greatly with obtaining viable video footage from surveillance cameras.

Stay safe out there!

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